Meet the Z Apes crew – 4,899 NFTs bringing the heat on ZetaChain

Total NFTs Minted: / 4899

Trailblazing Zeta Apes Collection

Rollin' in with the Z Apes vibe – 4,899 NFTs on ZetaChain, setting the scene on fire. We're the pioneers on this chain, the first-ever Apes in the game. We ride on the belief that community is everything, 'cause monkeys always roll deep. Here to claim the title of the baddest ZetaChain community.

Z Apes Vibes

Get the Scoop with FAQs
How many NFTs are part of the collection? - The collection boasts 4,899 one-of-a-kind NFTs.
Are the designs original? - Absolutely! Each trait and design is meticulously crafted by a genuine artist.
When will the minting process kick off? - The minting extravaganza is set for February 2nd, 2024.
What can I do with a pixel art NFT? - As the proud owner of a pixel art NFT, you wield exclusive ownership and rights to that specific masterpiece. Showcase it in virtual galleries, trade it on NFT marketplaces, or simply revel in it as a digital collectible.
What's the mint price? - Brace yourselves for the announcement – the minting price is a cool 1.65 $ZETA.